IR sensor module making in home

An IR sensor is an electronic device that measures the heat of an object. IR Transmitter Sensor This type of sensor emits only infrared radiation. IR Receiver Sensor This type of sensor only measures infrared radiation. This is how the IR transmitter and the IR receiver sensor work together. IR sensor module is made with IR transmitter and IR receiver sensor. Below is a picture of the IR transmitter and IR receiver sensor.

IR Sensor module
IR Sensor module

In the picture above I have shown IR transmitter and IR receiver. The sensor in white color is IR transmitter sensor and the sensor in black color is IR receiver sensor. When two sensors are placed side by side it will be given power and when an object or obstacle comes in front of it. Then the infrared ray emitted from the IR transmitter comes back interrupted and this ray will receive the IR receiver sensor and give an output. This is how the IR sensor module works. Now you need to know where the IR sensor module is used. IR sensors are mostly used in line following robotics. In addition, these IR sensors are used in various electronics projects. How do IR sensor modules that are available for purchase look like? The picture below is shown.

Today I will show you how to make it yourself. Let’s find out what components are needed in this sensor module in Crete.

  1. IR Transmitter.
  2. IR Receiver.
  3. lm358 operational amplifier.
  4. 100 Ohm Resistance.
  5. 10k Ohm resistance.
  6. 10k Ohm Variable resistance.
  7. 220 Ohm resistance.
  8. LED.

Now let’s take a look at the connection diagram.

IR sensor Module
IR sensor Module

This way you can create IR sensor module. If you want to see it with practicality.




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