How to connect led directly with 220v ac for make night lights

Today we will show you how to connect a small LED with 220v AC for make night lights. DC 3v-5v is required to light 3mm or 5mm LED. I will show you how to light this 3mm or 5mm LED with 220v AC Line. This can be done by making a short circuit with the help of some components. Let’s find out what components are needed to make a circuit.

  1. 1N4001 Diode.
  2. 33k Ohm resistance.
  3. 100k Ohm Resistance.
  4. 3mm or 5mm LED.
  5. AC 220v.
  6. 2 pin plug.

You can make this circuit or night Lights with these components. There are different circuits for lighting with 3mm or 5mm LED 220 volts. I will show you two circuits here. By making this circuit you can use it as a dim light in the room. Let’s  look at the circuit diagram or the connection diagram.

night lights
night lights

In this circuit you can make dim lights by lighting the LED directly with 220 volt AC line using only 100k Ohm resistance and 1N4001 Diode. Below is another circuit diagram.

You can follow this circuit diagram. This circuit requires 33k resistance and two 1N4001 diodes.

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