Understanding the Verizon Wireless Sales Rep Commission Structure

If you’re a salesperson for Verizon Wireless, you know that your earnings are tied to your performance. The better you do, the more you can earn. But how exactly does the Verizon Wireless sales rep commission structure work? In this article, we’ll break down the commission structure, explain how you can earn more, and answer some common questions about the program.

How the Commission Structure Works

As a Verizon Wireless sales rep, your commission is based on a few key factors:

  1. The type of sale: You’ll earn different commission rates for different types of sales. For example, you might earn a higher commission for selling a new service line versus upgrading an existing line.
  2. The product or service: Certain products and services may have higher commission rates than others. For example, you might earn a higher commission for selling a premium smartphone versus a basic flip phone.
  3. Your performance: The better you perform, the higher your commission rate will be. This can include factors like the number of sales you make, the number of customers you retain, and your overall customer satisfaction scores.

Commission Rates for Different Sales

Here are some examples of the commission rates you might earn for different types of sales:

  1. The new line of service activation: 10-15% commission
  2. Device upgrade: 5-10% commission
  3. Accessory sale: 5-10% commission
  4. Tablet or other connected device activation: 5-10% commission

How to Maximize Your Commission

To earn the most commission possible, you’ll need to focus on a few key areas:

  1. Sell more: The more you sell, the more you’ll earn. Focus on closing as many deals as possible while providing excellent customer service.
  2. Focus on high-value products: Products with higher commission rates will help you earn more. Try to upsell customers to premium devices or services whenever possible.
  3. Build relationships: The happier your customers are, the more likely they are to refer others to you. Focus on building strong customer relationships to increase your chances of repeat business.

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Common Questions

Here are some common questions that sales reps may have about the commission structure:

  1. How often are commissions paid out?

Commissions are typically paid out every month.

  1. Is there a minimum sales threshold to earn commission?

You’ll need to meet a minimum sales threshold to earn a commission. This threshold can vary depending on your region and the type of sales you’re making.

  1. What happens if a customer cancels their service?

If a customer cancels their service within a certain period (usually 30 days), your commission may be reversed.


The Verizon Wireless sales rep commission structure can be a lucrative way to earn income as a salesperson. By understanding how the commission structure works and focusing on high-value sales, you can maximize your earnings and build a successful career in sales. Remember to always put the customer first and provide excellent service; the commissions will follow.

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