Op Amp LDR Circuit . Operational amplifier circuit

Operational amplifier. Currently a widely used component in the world of electronics. It is used in various circuits. This OP Amp is used for various functions of an Electronics circuit. Today I will show you how to create a simple LDR circuit using an operational amplifier .Here I have shown how to create Auto Day Night circuit with LDR using OP Amp. Using this circuit you can control the AC load. Let me show you a circuit diagram or connection diagram.


operational amplifier
operational amplifier

In the above circuit I have shown just one LED on and off using LDR and operational amplifier with the help of LDR. If you want to control the AC load through this circuit, you need to use the driver circuit. Notice the image below.

operational amplifier
operational amplifier

See in this figure I have shown that the AC load is turned on and off using the driver circuit with the help of LDR and with the help of operational amplifier . Let us know what components have been used in the circuit.

  1. Operational amplifier LM358.
  2. LDR (Light Dependent Resistance)
  3. 10 K OHM Variable resistance.
  4. 10 K Ohm Resistance.
  5. 100 OHM resistance.
  6. BC 547 Transistor.
  7. 5v Relay.
  8. Ac Bulb.
  9. PCB Board.
  10. LED.

This circuit is made of these components.


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