interfacing sim808 with arduino uno

Many of you who have worked with Arduino or Microcontroller have heard of GSM Module / GSM Sim808 and are thinking of doing different projects with GSM Module / GSM Sim808.Today I will show you how to interface GSM with Arduino. You can do different projects.

GSM sim808 Module
GSM sim808 Module

There are many types of GSM Modules to project with Arduino. Notable among them are GSM Sim900A, GSM Sim808, GSM Sim800L etc. The full meaning of GSM is GSM-Global System For Mobile Communication. Every mobile phone that we use has GSM Module. Without GSM module no mobile can be connected to any tower. And we can use GSM module in different projects through Arduino coding. Basically three or four things can be done with one GSM module. And based on three or four tasks, you can do many projects with this GSM Module and Arduino interface. Its main functions are ..

  1. Calling
  2. Call received
  3. SMS Given
  4. SMS Received
  5. GPS Tracking

A GSM module does a lot of work. It is possible to do a lot of projects with a GSM module based on these functions.

I hope you have a good idea about GSM Module after watching this video. If you want to work with GSM, you have to have a good idea about GSM PIN configuration. I will show you with GSM sim808 Module. That’s why you should take a good look at the PIN configuration of GSM Sim808.


GSM Sim808
GSM Sim808


Take a good look. Now I am going to show you how to connect with Arduino for use.

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